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Tips For A Better Pinterest Account

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Pinterest is a very unique social media platform that really has some incredible features for a business to take advantage of.  It has a very powerful and accurate search engine that allows for your company to be found quite easily if you do the right things!  It has one of the highest click through rates of any social media platform and ensures direct access to your site from the platform.

Women are the most active Pinners on this platform and for good reason. It really can be described as a digital idea book.  Now the reason I mention this is because a business should keep this in mind when choosing what to post on here.  Try to think of ways a customer might use your product and showcase that on your boards.  Pinterest users are most often repining images that they can use for later uses. Pinterest is a mecca for the Do-it-yourselfer, the crafter, and the chef!  So appeal to them with how they can maybe use your toy to perhaps integrate into a lesson plan, or your tool to perhaps come in handy when cooking or something different than the typical use! Think outside the box to really target this demographic on Pinterest because you’ll be surprised how it can drive your sales.

You’ll also want to make sure your account is set up to work for you. Let the search engine do its job and find your account. Most people use their regular business name as the “Business name” they put into Pinterest. Try integrating a key word specific phrase for your company instead, this does not appear to the public but helps the search engine know what your company relates to. Keep in mind this is different than the URL name for your company.

Board titles are also key to being found.  Use short phrases that are directly correlated to your industry and market.  Also try and be sure to place the keyword you are focusing on, towards the front of the phrase, as this will give it more power.  The same advice can be used when creating the description of the board and the description of the pin itself.

Throw in some hashtags when writing your description, get creative with titles, and make your boards fun and exciting!  Follow some of these tips and your business will get more and more exposure! Happy Pinning!

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