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Twitter Begins Testing NEW Buy Button!

Earlier this week Twitter announced it will begin testing it’s newest feature that will have some people groaning and others grinning!  A new way for consumers to purchase directly through each tweet.  This is their latest effort to gain an edge on the other social media platforms.  Monday, they unveiled this “Buy Button” feature and will begin testing with certain specific accounts.

The “Buy Button” is great for twitter because not only does it allow the company to charge sellers for this feature, but it also keeps people on twitter rather than leaving to go purchase their intended item.  The aim will be directed at mobile twitter users to make it more convenient and easier than ever to purchase from your phone.  After you make your first purchase with the “Buy Button” twitter will save your payment information for future purchases to make it even faster.

They have partnered with multiple companies to put this complete check out solution together. This should ensure that their process has as little glitches as possible especially since they are dealing with a whole new market for them.  The sales arena has been long sought after by the major social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

By now I’m sure your wheels are starting to churn about how can you use this “Buy Button” to you benefit, whether buying things on twitter or selling for your own business.  In my opinion the general consumer may need to be a little cautious when seeing accounts using this feature and here’s why.

Twitter is a platform of immediacy right? Well then that would mean that the best items to be sold on there would also be things that are being sold in a similar nature: steeply discounted items, one of a kind clothing, and even music.  Here is why I become weary…something flashed in front of a buyers face with the idea that it is being sold “quickly” doesn’t make me feel comfortable as a consumer.  Ever hear of the Steam flash sales for video games?  They have drastically discounted games sold during flash sales that last only minutes sometimes.  This creates a buying frenzy and in turn a consumer purchases something which they don’t actually need.

The other issue I see as an ex salesman is that something that is shoved in front of a consumer doesn’t give them time to truly shop. I’ve had plenty of elderly folk tell me they need some time to mull things over and look at their options.  Long story short an offer that is available in a tweet can be priced much higher than it should be because people don’t have a chance to really see if they are paying a good price.  These are rare cases I’m sure but is a concern that consumers on twitter should be aware of.

Now on to the people who are grinning…the sellers!  After all of this time spent creating relationships with twitter followers and fans a business will finally be able to place that quick and easy buy button right in front of their customers.  On top of that it’s highly sharable and visible.  Keep in mind that certain products will do better being sold via the “Buy Button” than others.  Typically one of a kind items that are only made for a limited time, a new music single, or items that anything but regular will be great sells with the “Buy Button”.

Other social media platforms will be soon to follow with their own purchasing options, but it better happen soon because this is a very powerful tool for twitter and businesses!

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