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Professions That Need SEO But Don’t Typically Use It – Part 1

So we all know how important SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media is in making your brand visible. But surprisingly not every niche or market uses any form of internet marketing. While it’s understandable if one niche doesn’t use it it can be surprising which markets don’t have prominent usage of internet marketing or a vibrant demand for these vital components.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents mostly rely solely on the promotion of their affiliated realty agency.

Often times real estate companies setup realtors with their own website and often times, that’s where the realtor leaves it. They are content with the postings on Zillow & Trulia, among others, and letting the process organically develop. But they are leaving a large chunk of potential business, and money, on the table.

Creating your own website is crucial but marketing it to rank for local terms can be the difference in selling your clients home or letting the market drag out a listing far longer than anyone would like.

While trends have shown realtors are getting more creative, such as the boost in usage of video tours, realtors are still missing the boat. Ideally, a realtor who utilizes Facebook marketing or Google Adwords to drive traffic to a listing off of search and social media.

Utilizing Real Estate SEO would allow you to leverage terms that would put your listings in better position to be sold. Imagine if you lived in Miami, Florida. Imagine ranking for “miami homes for sale” or “miami homes for rent“? The truth it, the search it saturated with the big real estate companies, but if you were to rank along with them it automatically provides clout that would drastically boost your public profile, personal brand and listing views.

A mix of Social Media & SEO can lead to more closings and more commission opportunities.


Not many things hurt quite like a miscue on social media. Almost weekly it seems like an athlete or celebrity is making some outlandish comment on social media that lands him or her i hot water.

Now there is freedom of speech and I agree that everyone should have the right to speak their mind to an extent. But there is a certain responsibility for athletes to conduct themselves in a professional manner. So Social Media Management helps ensure the athlete is still speaking his mind, but keeping things in line.

In this scenario an athlete would send their intended tweet to a Social Media Manager to review, edit and post on their social media profile(s), thus drastically cutting down on the risk of tweeting something bad and losing sponsorships and money.

Athletes looking to impress can use Social Media Optimization and Sports SEO to get their tapes or brand in front of more people. Imagine a highlight reel trending on Google, Bing, YouTube or Social Media?

Also, driving more traffic your website helps maximize your value to potential sponsors and advertisers because now, your brand is that much more visible which thus makes advertising space more valuable.

It can make a world of a difference.


It’s an ultra competitive world in the modeling industry and this is where Social Media Optimization and SEO can make a huge impact.

Models who have an online portfolio can feel comfortable relying more on their website with a little internet marketing love. With a targeted marketing campaign you can drive more traffic to your work and make your name more “buzzable”. But this goes beyond Social Media!

SEO can help you rank for fashion-related keywords. Models should strive to rank their website among fashion-show related or fashion-boutique related keyword terms. The reasoning is 2-fold.

1. It not only creates an organic association between the Model and high end brands when their in the same rankings results in Google but it also, 2, brings more people to your website when you gain traffic from being associated with those searches. If you rank for Coach related terms and are visible for the brand name this automatically can catapult your value to the Coach brand, thus making you a model in demand.

This industry is sorely under-utilizing Internet Marketing and with a lot of money to be made, it’s not wise to leave golden opportunities on the table…or the cat walk.



Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

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