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How Social Media Put Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson On Top!

It seems these days every actor, actress, producer, director, and stage hand has a twitter account. We know that everyone and their mothers (and yes grandmothers) already have a Facebook.  All the “kids” these days are all over Instagram too! But how does a once rockstar of a wrestler grab ahold of the social media world and make a leap into acting as well as turn into one of the most profitable actors of recent years?! No the answer is not that he beat everyone in Hollywood into submission.

He had a tool that is used by many and took it to the next level.  Yes I am sure he had some help and guidance but it can prove as a valuable lesson not just for famous people but for businesses too. You see, the reason he has become insanely popular across all of his social media channels is because he lets his personality come through his “social voice”.

Every business has a personality. That personality is evident from the moment you interact with the business. When using social media one must channel that personality and ensure that your fans and followers get the same feeling as if they were in your store or business.

This is the key ingredient that Dwayne Johnson is able to use to his advantage. He has a sense of humor, a bravado about him, and a heart bigger than his biceps! His short “focus” video clips in the gym, his pictures with family, and yes even his Halloween costume as the hulk allow people to feel like he is a normal person just like you and me.

The reasons why this counts for so much in the social media world is that it encourages his audience to be…social! Not just the women swooning over him but the guys who feel like they would be one of his Bro’s get in on the engagement by commenting, liking, and sharing his larger than life posts!

He also doesn’t want his fans who follow him to miss a beat! He consistently shares his activities as he country hops during press tours, shows his dedication to being in shape for films, and yes the famous cheat meal pictures that we all envy! I’m sure it takes an army to gather this content and share it so frequently, but look what it’s lead to.

His role in Hercules for example was almost scratched from being shared on social media by the director. Dwayne knew better and struck a deal that he would share the process but not the details.  Not only did this keep his fans in tune, but built hype for the movie that even some of the best promotion companies couldn’t have pulled off! Heck he even has begun sharing his workouts through social media with the #herculesworkout.

As big as he is in person (yes I’ve met him and yes he is a gentle giant with a smile that flashes brighter than a thousand suns and a back wide enough to block them all out!) his social media strategy has allowed him a pretty good strong hold in hollywood to ensure he isn’t going anywhere for a while!

We can all learn a lot from analyzing what he has done and been able to accomplish with the use of social media. If we incorporate these tactics in business social media strategy then we can ensure our businesses can stand the test of time and our fans and followers will keep us around year after year!

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