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Professions That Need SEO But Don’t Typically Use It – Part 2

Continuing my series from yesterday here is a look at some more markets that would benefit greatly from various Internet Marketing practices, but the majority of the businesses within these industries don’t maximize them. This leaves a lot of potential business and profit on the table or, worse off, in the hands of competition who are putting more effort in these areas.


Aside from the Direct Message Spam on Twitter, Musicians don’t fully grasp the concept of sound marketing. Naturally, there was sarcasm in the statement.Being a musician (much more so in my 20s) I know the challenges musicians face getting their music out there.

A culture of guerilla, in your face, aggressive marketing has always existed in the music industry for hungry artists. But the fact is the market is now apt to completely tune out before they ever tune in.

As I mentioned, the first thing I think of when I think about Social Media Marketing & Musicians is Spam. Do i think it’s intentional spam? Not necessarily but it is Spam nonetheless. The practice of aggressive mentioning, commenting and even Direct Messages (on Twitter) with a call to action, “Hear my new track”, has been the norm for far too long. In today’s market the ROI is not as strong as one would think.

Musicians don’t normally have a massive budget to work with in regards to marketing, but utilizing good Social Tools, building a good website and not annoying potential or existing fans is a good start that can be more cost effective.

Something simple like a Blog, an Instagram account, staying up on all music sites and working with as many other artists as possible is a great way to get your music out there organically. Granting interviews, asking for music reviews and developing relationships with bloggers can go a long way.

Restaurants & Clubs & Bars…. Oh My

I admit, this industry has gotten a lot better in recent years and most have mildly embraced Social Media. But too many times these businesses setup the account and leave the page alone. Or they just post with no engagement or interaction. Just having Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is great, but engaging your audience in a human way is even better.

People are wired to naturally tune out an advertisement so investing in a Social Media Manager or Social Media Optimization could bring you a lot of new or returning business.

Furthermore their websites, which are prime for organic traffic can often times leave a lot to be desired. Great websites can say a lot about a venue.

But the most important part is the Reputation Management. Reviews, reviews, reviews.

Good press is the winning component and creates the buzz that bring people to the door of a club, bar or restaurant. In today’s market, customers are googling your venue to read reviews and any available press. Retaining an Internet Marketing company could make your establishment the most popular and highly regarded in town. It can also take customers from your competition and bring them through your doors instead.

Auto Sales

Car salespeople have a heck of a reputation for using every marketing trick in the book to push new and used cars. But surprisingly Internet Marketing is far down that list.

More than the above mentioned industries, auto places almost completely ignore maximizing Social Media and SEO. Stuck in the old marketing days of print ads, radio spots and billboards, dealerships in a highly competitive market are missing the key ingredient for success.

Buying a car is not the most comfortable or enjoyable experience for shoppers. So putting an effort into presenting your brand or business in a different and forward/current thinking manner can sway those who are on the fence.

Additionally ranking for local auto-related terms is the biggest business driver of all, yet largely untapped. People search online, which is why dealerships have been so reliant on websites like Autotrader or to get business. But putting marketing efforts into ranking as well can trump your competition and drive more business than ever.

Stay tuned for more inclusions in this series in the future. Don’t forget to bookmark us for great Miami Social Media information and visit us for Miami SEO services. We are international and global and can help your business achieve greatness!

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