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Pinterest Becomes Even Better For Businesses With New Analytics Tool

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Pinterest launches a new analytics tool that makes them an even greater social media platform for businesses. This tool allows businesses to track their pins better, analyze their numbers, and enable strategy development better than ever. This is replacing their insights feature that came out earlier this year.

The old insights feature was not a robust tracking and analytical system that businesses could really find out a great deal of information from. When looking into social media analytics a business needs to know what exactly is happening with each move they make to determine if their strategy is working. The insights was just not able to deliver.

Pinterest has been a dominating force in the social media game for quite some time. It offers a unique feature that not many social media platforms offer and that is social sharing with direct linking to a website.  This means a lot to a company that is looking for sales and overall traffic back to their website.  Their unique look and feel makes them stand out. It has been a haven for DIY ideas and recipes due to the strong visual presence in the formatting of the site.

The analytics tool was the icing on the cake after they recently created a messages feature to allow people to communicate easier amongst each other.  The combination of the analytics and messaging tool allows for businesses to develop much stronger marketing strategies with Pinterest and make sure they’re getting results.

Some of the main features it offers are being able to see your monthly and daily impressions, views, and engagement. Like with the insights Pinterest shows how well your website is being Pinned too. All of this really gives Pinterest a strong cause for being a go to social media platform for almost any business.  This new feature and the wide variety of pins being posted are bringing all target markets to this site. Gone are the days of Pinterest being just for the stay at home mom…Pinterest is a big dog now with this new feature and everyone is joining the party!

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