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Tips To Empower Your Twitter Presence

Social Media is an ever-evolving entity. A powerful one that can bring your brand to the next level, but also be a detractor. Misusing social media can stunt a brand’s growth and even create bad press if a erroneous tweet get’s visibility.

One issue that seems to stand out is how people and brands misuse Twitter thinking they are in fact doing something 100% positive.

Here are some helpful tips to help polish your social media experience.

Target Your Direct Audience

One tactic that is commonly used on Twitter to gain new followers is to follow folks with the hope they follow you back. This can work extremely well but isn’t a method that comes without it’s own pitfalls.

While in theory the method sounds straight forward and can have great returns too many people don’t take the time to avoid one mistake.

It makes little sense to incorporate people in your Twitter-universe that don’t fit into your niche. It makes even less sense to incorporate those who demonstrate the fact you took no time to actually look at the people you follow.

For example, let’s say you have around 30,000 followers on Twitter, but are following 26,000. What value does that 26,000 number have if you follow porn accounts, clear spam accounts or accounts that are so far outside your industry that there is zero chance they even pay attention to what you tweet or what your brand is?

Furthermore, what does it say say about those following you? Sure the number 30,000 is great but if only 40% of that number is in your direct niche, than that’s 60% of your audience that are least likely to be engaged in your topics. That’s a large sacrifice just to be able to tout a larger followers number.

Secondly, if you mutually follow a brand that is spammy or clearly low brow than that directly effects your image and the brand you’re pushing. People do look at who you follow. If they find enough questionable connections, they may in fact question it.


Leave Your Ego At the Door

Sure we all love seeing a nice differential between the number of people following you and the number of people you follow. It makes you seem that much more intriguing.

But particularly in the media industry, a lot of brand refuse to follow back. Leave your ego at the door.

Sure, following everyone back is not ideal, but those who interact heavily with you and your brand may garner the exception at some point in time.

Truth is if you aren’t a major, mainstream brand or representing one you should check your ego at the door. You are not above your audience. Especially if your goal is to be a major contender.

Putting your audience at the same level they put you can give them more initiative to engage, interact and visit your brand.

Be selective but don’t be afraid to follow back.


Let’s Be REAL

Seriously…enough with the auto posts.

I can go on and on about how bad this looks when all you do is auto post. This can be because you have your Twitter account synced with Facebook or another account where posts are automatically aggregated to all platforms. But this can lead people to unfollow you just as easy as they followed you to being with.

What would the incentive be to following you if they are getting the same exact message from your brand every where else?


Food for thought on a few ways to improve your Tweeting!

Happy Ranting!

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